Reichenstein Anomaly Investigation

Following on from my last blog, Paul Hobday has returned to Burg Reichenstein to try to debunk the shadow anomaly caught on film from when we were there filming Ghost Chasers. See what you make of our joint video of the investigation. If you have any other suggestions please let us know we are always open to new ideas for debunking footage of apparent phenomena.

Reichenstein Castle anomaly on film

While in the process of sorting my photos, video and audio for the upcoming launch of Ghost Chasers I started watching a sequence of video I shot at Burg Reichenstein. The video was taken one afternoon during a day off we had in filming and I had decided to go up to the castle with Paul to film a walk through of the castle. My initial thoughts were to piece together a spooky walk round of this magnificent building. Today I was playing about with the video clips and trying to make a spooky little video when one of the clips caught my attention. There is a strange shadow that moves across the static locked off camera pointing at the doorway. I remember this well as it was quite a blustery day

Ghost Chasers UK launch only 2 weeks away!

With Ghost Chasers being so close to its UK launch on Sky's Insight channel. I thought I would post a behind the scenes video. This one shows myself and Paul exploring the tunnel network around Heidelburg Castle in the Rhine Valley. Apologies for the horror music I got carried away with the edit. I will post more information after each episode airs with more behind the scenes videos and pics. Don't forget to check out as well for more trivia about the show.

Possession at Woodchester Mansion?

The most recounted story that I have of Woodchester mansion is about my fear of the 2nd floor corridor or more to the point an event that occurred in December 2006 in this part of the building. I have recounted the story many times but this is the extract from my ongoing book The Ghosts of Woodchester Mansion. 'I was here with a colleague and 4 other guests. I was at the front of the group facing down the corridor when a full blown apparition stepped out in front of me. This was frightening enough, however after my initial shock the only way I can describe what happened next is that as I turned around to face my colleague my body was channeled by the spirit of a very angry man. I say channel

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