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Possession at Woodchester Mansion?

The most recounted story that I have of Woodchester mansion is about my fear of the 2nd floor corridor or more to the point an event that occurred in December 2006 in this part of the building. I have recounted the story many times but this is the extract from my ongoing book The Ghosts of Woodchester Mansion.

'I was here with a colleague and 4 other guests. I was at the front of the group facing down the corridor when a full blown apparition stepped out in front of me. This was frightening enough, however after my initial shock the only way I can describe what happened next is that as I turned around to face my colleague my body was channeled by the spirit of a very angry man. I say channeled, as this is the only description I can give. This was the first time I had ever experienced anything like it in my life. The only way I can explain the sensation is to say that I felt an energy push through me and then I started shouting at everybody to “Get out!”. It was at this point that I felt somewhat detached from my body. It was only when my colleague started shouting back at me that I seemed to be back in control. Needless to say after this incident I was shaken and very wary for the rest of the night.'

I have today found the video which is posted below.

After reviewing the video for the first time in years it is interesting to note that my recounting of the event seemed to take a lot longer than the actual incident. Almost as if time stood still as I felt completely detached from my body. So does the perception of time slow down with fear?

This was the first time that anything like this has ever happened to me and up until filming of the new TV show Ghost Chasers the only time. However an incident in a castle dungeon in Holland added to my list of experiences of this type which I will blog about further when the new show launches in March.

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