Ghost Chasers Episode 4

This episode was great for me from a travelling perspective as both locations are literally 20 minutes from where I live. I had previously investigated Prestbury village a number of times but had never been to the Plough Inn so this was another welcome first for me in my scrapbook of locations. Prestbury is an amazing village and has held the mantle of being one of the most haunted places in the UK for many years having stories of more than 26 ghosts! Galloping hooves are still said to heard along 'The Burgage' that relate to a galloping Cavalier who, during the Civil War was catapulted from his mount by a rope as he rode through the village. After interrogation he was executed and a skele

Ghost Chasers Episode 3

In this episode we investigated paranormal activity in one of Britain’s most famous port towns. Situated on the south east coast, Harwich became a hub of maritime trade – and an important naval centre in times of war – during the 16th and 17th centuries. For hundreds of years locals have complained of being haunted by ghosts of long dead mariners and soldiers. We started our investigation in a pair of alleged haunted lighthouses and an ancient ‘Crane House’, where centuries ago children were forced into hard labour. Rather than the usual blog of talking about the whole episode this blog will concentrate on one of the vigils in the lower of the Harwich Lighthouses. More so I will try and expl

Ghost Chasers Episode 2

In this episode the team investigated paranormal activity in Hastings on England’s south coast, a fishing town with a long and troubled past. The infamous Battle of Hastings was fought near here in 1066, heralding the last time Britain was invaded by a foreign power. Thousands died and it’s long been said their spirits still haunt the area. More recently, the notorious devil worshiper Aleister Crowley lived and practiced his satanic rituals here; at one time he was dubbed ‘The Wickedest Man in the World’. Over the centuries there have been many sightings of ghosts in the town’s buildings and the narrow, winding roads behind the harbour. We began our investigation at the True Crime Museum wh

First Review of Ghost Chasers

IMPARTIAL REVIEW OF FIRST EPISODE OF GHOST CHASERS. As an Investigator myself, over the years, through knowledge given by others who have been in the field for a long time, science advancement, research and trying many Experiments, the whole Ghost Hunting TV Show genre, has until now, just been about entertainment and utter faking etc. Though I personally know Chris Howley and Paul Hobday, I still wanted to try and brush that aside and be honest in what I think, whether good or bad in parts. Layout/Concept Very impressed with how the Show explains and tries to be up to a point impartial and give both points of view of each segment. It is not just about (sorry Ian) walking behind the Medium

Ghost Chasers Episode 1

Hopefully Episode 1 of our new TV show went down well with most of you we certainly had a great time making this series after all 4 blokes and a 6 week road trip what could possibly go wrong :) This first episode the Ragged School and the Woolwich Artillery was the first time the whole team met. I remember getting to the hotel the night before the shoot and meeting up with Paul Hobday as he had picked up all our gear and clothing from Brite Spark Studios that morning. We had a quick trying on session of our new trademark black clothing and the first calamity struck. My trousers were a size too big and with the belt pulled tight I looked like a sack of potatoes. After googling Next stores Pau

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