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Celebrity Haunted Mansion Teaser

I am really excited to announce my involvment in the new 5 night live TV show Celebrity Haunted Mansion airing from the 21st February to the 25th.

The show is the second in the series following on from Celebrity Haunted Hotel and is again hosted by Christine Lampard and Matt Richardson. This time around we have ten celebrities who will be led in their paranormal investigation by none other than Jason Hawes and Jack Osbourne who are both flying over from the US especially for the show.

I will be part of the Paranormal experts teaming up with Barri Ghai, Eamonn Vann-Harris and Psychic Ryan Gooding and our role is to assist with tech reviewing and mentoring the celebs in their quest to be crowned paranormal champion.

Here is the official promo release from the channel.

The celebrities haven't been officially announced yet but they will be competing against each other in order to survive the whole 5 days of fear. This will be a fun show of horror and paranormal investigation I hope you enjoy it.

Just remember its live TV so anything could happen!

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