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Born in Lydney and now living in Gloucester UK my interest in the paranormal began with a family ghost story that related to a visit from my late grandfather a week after his death when I was 4. By the age of 14 I was reading unexplained magazine and getting freaked out by stories of disembodied voices and things moving on their own.  I had become very skeptical as I grew up and it wasn't until Most Haunted hit our screens in 2002 that my interest was sparked up again. The following year I attended my first ever ghost hunt at Beaulieu Abbey with Jason Karl the former parapsychologist from the show. A year later I had formed Gloucestershire Paranormal Research Group with my brother and started my quest, a search for conclusive evidence of ghosts.

The Search for Ghosts

The nearest location to us was Woodchester Mansion and this became a regular venue for many investigations learning as much as possible in the best techniques to try and capture evidence. Many nights were also spent at The Ancient Ram Inn along with other groups I had became associated with such as Stroud Paranormal and SFPR the Severnside Fortean Paranormal Research team.


During this time I was still skeptical although there has been a bit of a roller coaster ride with witnessing various forms of phenomena which had me questioning that maybe there is something there after all. This had me undertaking a college course in Clairvoyance which led to a year long adventure sitting in a closed circle for developing mediums. This gave me more questions than answers as I thought at the time that mediumship was more about cold reading however experiences that I had been a part of appeared to differ from this concept.


In 2006 after several investigations and spending a lot of money on what then was perceived as ghost hunting equipment, a vacancy became available at Woodchester Mansion for a paranormal Invigilator which I had no hesitation in accepting.

Woodchester Mansion

In 2006 the increase in popularity for the paranormal had grown and so had Woodchester Mansions popularity as a venue. This put me in a great position to be in the building during countless investigations with various groups from across the country. Many of these investigations I was asked to take part in as a guest. This gave me a great insight into all the various methodology being used and also the diverse range of belief systems in place with different groups of people and how this was affecting the 'research' being done. There were too few groups back then using any real method based investigation I could count them all with one hand there were too many thrill seekers which was not for me. Thankfully in 2009 I met up with Paul Hobday who had founded Team Impact a more method based forward thinking group of people and joined the team bringing Team Impact into the role of resident paranormal group at Woodchester Mansion. For more information on the team please visit our website here

Media Work

Being based at Woodchester Mansion has given me a lot of opportunities to work in TV, Film and Radio the majority of the work until recently talking about the ghosts and history of the mansion. Below is a list of all my completed projects.

2007 Channel 4 Radio Danny Robins Show - Interview given while walking around Woodchester Mansion talking about paranormal activity

2007 Ghosts of Gloucestershire DVD -  I joined Richard Felix the ghost hunter general to film a DVD at various locations around Gloucestershire

2007 The One Show Halloween Special TV - Filmed with Anjelica Bell at Woodchester Mansion this was a two part special about the fear factor of ghost hunting

2007 21st Century Ghosts Book Article - This was a written chapter about Woodchester Mansion for Jason Karls paranormal book

2008 Ghost Hunters International ScyFy TV - I filmed as the host for Woodchester Mansion for an episode where the ghost hunters presented me with their evidence on camera

2011 Great British Ghosts Series 1 Living TV - Filmed at Woodchester Mansion with Michaela Strachan talking about the ghost stories here

2011 Cotswold TV - Filmed a short internet episode talking about the bats and hauntings of Woodchester Mansion

2012 Great British Ghosts Series 2 Living TV - Filmed at the Ancient Ram Inn and The Ragged Cott Minchinhampton with Michaela Strachan

2013 Blaze of Gory Horror Film - I played a ghost hunter in a segment of the film called Precious about a possessed child

2016 Ghost Chasers Series 1 TV - In search of evidence of paranormal activity across Europe Click HERE

2017 Celebrity Ghost Hunt Live  - Rylan Clarke-Neal leads the celebrity team of ghost hunters attempting to make contact. Myself, Paul Hobday, Ian Lawman and Dr Ciaran O'Keefe  lend a helping hand

2018 Celebrity Haunted Mansion - Hosted by Christine Lampard and Matt Richardson with celebrity team captains Jason Hawes and Jack Osbourne this should be a great show for paranormal fans. The program airs 21st to the 25th of february on W Sky 109 Virgin 125 BT/Talk alk 311

2018 March  - New TV project just completed this was a taster shoot for a channel working with Paul Hobday and Nick Knowles

2018 November  - Episode location expert for a new TV show Worlds Scariest Hauntings broadcast on SKY Pick feature in Episode 1 the Ancient Ram Inn

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