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Worlds Scariest Hauntings

Worlds Scariest Hauntings

Woodcut Media has revealed that its is currently in production on a new documentary series World’s Scariest Hauntings, greenlit by UK free-to-air channel Pick.

The 10 X 60’ series delves into the paranormal universe to reveal ghosts and horror stories exploring 10 locations around the globe including The Ancient Ram in England, a property built in the 1100s that has housed devil worship and murder; the Edinburgh Vaults in Scotland where the ghost of a child has been known to hold hands with visitors; The Merchant’s House in New York City where The Tredwell Family still reside and speak to guests despite the last family member dying over 80 years ago; and the story of Mary Gallagher aka the headless woman who haunts Montreal’s Griffintown.

The programmes feature interviews with locals who have had their own direct experiences with manifestations, as well as other accounts from visitors who have had encounters, whilst capturing these incidents on film or camera.

“The paranormal subject matter marks a first for Woodcut, and stories of ghostly manifestations have intrigued people for centuries the world over,” said Woodcut Media CEO Kate Beal. “For this production, we have pulled together a strong film crew (as we know it’s not for the faint-hearted), and have selected some of the most haunted locations, that we know will have viewers gripping their seats.”

The deal was brokered by acquisitions manager Sophie Judge for Pick, which regards itself as the home of ‘shocking true crime’, and the series has been deficit financed and will be distributed internationally by TCB Media Rights.

My role in this series was as a location expert for The Ancient Ram Inn 



















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