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Ghost Hunting Equipment

We often get asked about the equipment we use on paranormal investigations and on the ghost hunting TV shows. It is important to understand that currently there is no such thing as a ghost detector.  Instead, what we have are gadgets and items of equipment that can assist a ghost hunt or paranormal investigation, by allowing you to see, hear or measure the

environment around you. But they are not ghost detectors! 

With that in mind here is a list of some of the equipment you may have seen us using on our show with

links to where you can purchase them.

You may notice that our kit bag does not contain any IR (Infra Red) lighting this is purely because we like

to investigate and film under more natural lighting conditions. To explain why we don't use IR my

colleague Paul has written this great article which I recommend highly 'Doing It In The Dark' 

If you want accommodation while on your ghost hunting travels why not use AirBnB as an alternative to

hotels. I will even give you £30 off your booking just by clicking HERE 

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