Sceptic or Cynic and do ghosts’ exist?

With so many people interested in the search for ghosts I very often get asked do I believe in ghosts. My answer is I believe there is some sort of phenomena there but what it is I don’t know. I cannot prove that ghosts exist therefore I cannot conclude that they do. This I would guess puts me in the category of a sceptic. A believer will answer without question ‘yes ghosts exist.’ A Cynic would give you a completely different answer ‘No they don’t.’ So what is a sceptic? Derived from the Greek word ‘skeptikos’ meaning inquiring or to look around a sceptic will not investigate the existence of ghosts closed to the possibility that they might exist however they will require evidence to substa

Ghost Chasers UK Launch Date

Following a skype call with yesterday I am pleased to officially announce the UK launch date of the brand new paranormal show Ghost Chasers. The show is set to Launch on Friday 3rd March 2017 and can be viewed either on Sky TV channel 564 or directly from the internet at ''. Ghost Chasers is different to the normal night vision style of ghost hunting shows as this has been filmed in 4K Ultra High Definition at 50 frames per second. At this resolution lighting was the biggest problem for us or mainly for Steve Robson our cameraman, who had to capture the high quality images using only our torch light for most of the investigation scenes. This has given the series a comple

Pareidolia can you see it?

Spooky faces appearing in photos or unearthly voices embedded in audio recordings – are these really proof of the paranormal? The following article aims to explain this phenomena: As a team of paranormal investigators, we often get asked to review photographs that people have taken where they believe to have captured evidence of a ghost or spirit, asking us “Can you see the face in this photo?”. Unfortunately, the answer we nearly always have to give is “No”. So why do some people think they can see faces in these photos? The answer is quite simple - there is a psychological phenomenon that causes people to see a vague or random image as something recognizable, such as a face. This is kno

Is Woodchester Mansion Haunted?

This is the six million dollar question but to answer this properly what is the definition of haunted? If haunted means by the return visitation of people who have died and are returning in spirit to communicate with us then I can only answer no as we cannot prove the existence of an intelligent afterlife. However if haunted means unexplained noises, objects moving apparently on there own, sightings of ghostly figures in period dress then I would answer with a resounding yes as I have experienced these types phenomena. Recently I was asked to write a short book for the mansion outlining my experiences over the last 12 years investigating the building. This is currently on sale in the mansion

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