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Is Woodchester Mansion Haunted?

This is the six million dollar question but to answer this properly what is the definition of haunted? If haunted means by the return visitation of people who have died and are returning in spirit to communicate with us then I can only answer no as we cannot prove the existence of an intelligent afterlife. However if haunted means unexplained noises, objects moving apparently on there own, sightings of ghostly figures in period dress then I would answer with a resounding yes as I have experienced these types phenomena.

Recently I was asked to write a short book for the mansion outlining my experiences over the last 12 years investigating the building. This is currently on sale in the mansion gift shop but here are a couple of the stories that I recounted.

'On the 12th October 2007 I was invigilating the UK Paranormal team who had been having a fairly quiet night activity wise. At about 3.00am most of the group had gone to sleep in the drawing room leaving me and two of their team to wander around. As we walked into the cellar corridor we stopped outside the door to the middle room facing us. We commented that this area didn’t feel nice particularly this room we were stood in front of. It was at this point as we opened the door an ominous groan emerged from the darkness causing all three of us to take a step back. As is always the case when hunting ghosts, as we entered the room it was empty.'

'In November 2009 the UKs leading paranormal events company, Haunted Happenings, had held one of their quietest investigations here with no reported activity all evening. At 4.00am with everybody sat in the drawing room Wayne Spurrier, the event host, was explaining to the group that paranormal activity is not something that can be guaranteed and unfortunately the mansion this evening had decided to remain quiet. At this moment the sound of footsteps were heard tattooing up from the dining room and coming into the adjoining library. Knowing we were the only people in the building I ran through to the library and Wayne ran around to the other door in the south corridor where we faced each other bemused as the footsteps had stopped and there was nobody there. The group left that night with even sceptics shaking their head as we had all witnessed this very audible phenomena!'

There are many other examples in the book but to go back to the question is Woodchester Mansion haunted?

Judging by the reports and my own personal experience in this magnificent Victorian building I would say yes. Haunted by what is another question but for now paranormal phenomena is witnessed at a higher than average number of times throughout the year than most buildings. Paranormal as in not yet explainable. Don't forget I am in this building most weekends overnight throughout the year the phenomena is still rare and the mansion can be as quiet as a normal family modern semi detached home so don't expect anything when you visit. However if you are lucky to be there when the conditions are right then you may be lucky enough to witness some of the activity that has been experienced by many people over the years.

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