Ghost Chasers Episode 10

Wow here it is the final blog for series 1 of Ghost Chasers! This episode brought us to the historic city of Bruges. It is hard to improve on Bruges with its picturesque cobbled walkways and beautiful canals linking its market squares adorned with historic churches with soaring towers the history is all around you and an ideal place to come in search of ghosts. Built on wealth from the textile trade, the town’s fortunes eventually faded and by the 1800s was wracked by poverty. It’s long been reported that ghosts haunt the atmospheric winding alleyways and canals. First stop for the team is the 700 year old ‘Old Stone Prison’, once infamous for the extreme cruelty meted out to inmates. Locate

Para-unity-now there's a buzz word!

So what is Para-unity? It is supposed to be the bringing together of paranormal teams, investigators and all people with an interest in the paranormal. Basically a bringing together of paranormal teams, investigators, scientists, parapsychologists etc etc to share ideas , methodology and to help promote each other. It sounds so simple in theory but in practice I don't think it is achievable, well not for everyone. I have met and worked with many groups who do fit under the above definition and work well together united in the same cause to investigate the paranormal. Where the problem lies I feel is with the individuals who take it upon themselves to be self appointed experts in the field an

Celebrity Ghost Hunt Live

Here is the big news release we are all going on an amazing Ghost Hunt for a live 90 minute special on channel 5STAR. The show will be broadcast on September 13th at 9pm. Featuring host Rylan Clark and our celebrity Ghost-hunters Charlotte Crosby, Stephen Bear, Chris Hughes Charlotte Dawson and Ampika Pickston. We will be training them and leading them through a full ghost hunt at Harwich Redoubt Fort. We will be teaming up with Dr Ciaran O'keeffe to offer advice and support as the celebs look for evidence of the paranormal at this haunted fort along with some new gadgets to test out along the way. Paul and myself have had our first test session of some kit the celebs will be using on the sh

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