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Para-unity-now there's a buzz word!

So what is Para-unity? It is supposed to be the bringing together of paranormal teams, investigators and all people with an interest in the paranormal. Basically a bringing together of paranormal teams, investigators, scientists, parapsychologists etc etc to share ideas , methodology and to help promote each other.

It sounds so simple in theory but in practice I don't think it is achievable, well not for everyone.

I have met and worked with many groups who do fit under the above definition and work well together united in the same cause to investigate the paranormal. Where the problem lies I feel is with the individuals who take it upon themselves to be self appointed experts in the field and rather than get out and do the job tend to troll the work of others on social media and take a moral high ground to belittle their efforts more-often than not in a vile and bullying manner. There seems to be too many people out there in the paranormal community who get more pleasure out of starting fights rather than looking for ghosts!

Why do people feel the need to troll and cause trouble? jealousy envy self importance? I don't know but it doesn't help the cause, if anything they are just hindering the possibility of progressing in this field of study.

I think the biggest problem we have against Para-unity is the vast range of belief systems out in the field. I have already blogged about this in my post 'Sceptic or Cynic and do Ghosts Exist' At the front end we have the believer who believes everything is paranormal and at the back end the cynic who goes out to debunk everything. Bring these two extremes together and we already have a combustible mix for argument made even easier, by the constant back biting as witnessed at an increasing rate, on the likes of twitter and facebook.

Para-unity for me basically means we should all get along regardless of what our opinions are. It should in theory work. If you post evidence and ask for opinions, if the response is against your own belief but presented politely and objectively then use it to learn from. However if trolled and you get the baited slagging off from a keyboard warrior looking for a fight, don't rise to it there is a block button on social media after all.

(My favourite internet quote)

There are opinionated people out there with a belief completely different to your own and when you acknowledge that you can move forward. I have learnt quickly that the more exposure you as an individual or group get, the more prone to trolling you become.

I have written this blog as since Ghost Chasers and our upcoming show have been getting more and more media attention, we have become prone to these sort of attacks. Now I don't have to justify to anybody what I believe or what piece of kit I want to experiment with. Slag me off and say what I do is BS will be ignored, for me it is my own research and I may come to that conclusion all on my own. However tell me politely why you think its BS and I will enter into polite conversation and hey we both might learn something.

But............... Call me a Most Haunted wannabee and block button it is.

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