Ghost Chasers UK Launch Date

Following a skype call with yesterday I am pleased to officially announce the UK launch date of the brand new paranormal show Ghost Chasers. The show is set to Launch on Friday 3rd March 2017 and can be viewed either on Sky TV channel 564 or directly from the internet at ''.

Ghost Chasers is different to the normal night vision style of ghost hunting shows as this has been filmed in 4K Ultra High Definition at 50 frames per second. At this resolution lighting was the biggest problem for us or mainly for Steve Robson our cameraman, who had to capture the high quality images using only our torch light for most of the investigation scenes. This has given the series a completely different look to what we are all used to.

Official Ghost Chasers Promo Video

Ghost Chasers investigate 20 locations in the UK and Mainland Europe over 10 episodes.


Kay Nambier

Ian Lawman

Paul Hobday

Chris Howley


Steve Robson


Tim Boylan


Dan Edwards

2nd Camera/ Data Wrangler:

Kilo Mclaren


Jenni Crane

Exec Producer:

Richard Woolfe

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