Its not always serious on a ghost hunt!

On an investigation its not always serious investigating. We sit in dark cold locations for hours on end monitoring equipment doing experiments and just plain old calling out so we do need some light hearted fun to balance the mix. A favourite game, in our down time, is trying to scare each other. I know what your thinking isn't it frightening enough just ghost hunting? Well it can be but just to get the heart racing we do have a few laughs. Here is one example where myself and Paul Hobday set up Wayne Spurrier from Haunted Happenings on a halloween event. The set up for this was as follows. At the end of the evening, in Woodchester Mansion, we are required to do a walk round of the building

Celebrity Haunted Mansion Live

Celebrity Haunted Mansion was the second series following on from Celebrity Haunted Hotel. Being set in Woodchester Mansion I was pleased to be offered the role as one of the paranormal consultants following a successful ghost hunt of the building with production staff from the UKTV channel ‘W' The series was broadcast live over 5 nights from Wednesday 21st to Sunday 25th February and consisted of 10 Celebrity contestants hoping to win the coveted prize of the ‘golden gargoyle' presented for best ghost hunter as voted on by the viewers of the show. The celebrities were split into 2 teams led by special guest paranormal investigators Jack Osbourne (Haunted Highway) and Jason Hawes (Ghost Hun

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