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First Review of Ghost Chasers


As an Investigator myself, over the years, through knowledge given by others who have been in the field for a long time, science advancement, research and trying many Experiments, the whole Ghost Hunting TV Show genre, has until now, just been about entertainment and utter faking etc.

Though I personally know Chris Howley and Paul Hobday, I still wanted to try and brush that aside and be honest in what I think, whether good or bad in parts.

Layout/Concept Very impressed with how the Show explains and tries to be up to a point impartial and give both points of view of each segment. It is not just about (sorry Ian) walking behind the Medium, just listening and believing all that is being said.

I like the scepticism of the 'Host', Ian's clear precise explanation of what he is feeling/seeing, the approach of his contact with 'spirit' (it's giving me some crazy experimental ideas Chris Howley he he).

Paul Hobday's total scepticism, Chris Howley's debunking. Now, those of us who spend many hours doing and reviewing evps, know how background noise, stomachs, human breathing can give you a false evp. Also, our hearing, will dictate, what we hear back and what we think is being said on the evp. (it is easy to influence another, what is being said when listening to an evp) (more experimental ideas lol).

The Investigation in normal lightening conditions, not using IR, is a concept, I find interesting and will try out on some vigils myself. (had some good discussions with Paul on that).

The review of the previous Investigation, Cracking EVPS, which, I must say, if I didn't know the guys, would have not believed it to be real!

EQUIPMENT I know personally, I have an addiction for useless flashing lights, (shut up Glen Smith lol). The right Tech gear is vital, depending on if you want to 'do' this for just fun, or get serious and try and push the boundaries.

I have to say that the Echovox, which I have tried in the past, same as the Alice Box and all those apps, are not for me. Listening to the echovox session, without looking at the screen to see what is being put up as the word said, I heard differently. But knowing Chris, there will be a curve ball somewhere in the series about that, so will wait and see on that one.

I really loved the explanations, after each segment, given in a clear precise way, that those who are not Paranormal Investigators, can understand.

CONCLUSION A well thought out and informative show, with a good balance Team of different Fields and approaches to the Paranormal.

Newbie Investigators, this is a must to learn from. Fellow Investigators, we can sit with a cuppa and not shout and scream at the screen!

Myself, it has pumped me up with some idea's to try out in the field.

To the next Show, and 9/10 guys, fantastic, believable and best of all, I BLOODY LOVED IT!

Karin Beasant - South Bristol Paranormal

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