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Reichenstein Castle anomaly on film

While in the process of sorting my photos, video and audio for the upcoming launch of Ghost Chasers I started watching a sequence of video I shot at Burg Reichenstein. The video was taken one afternoon during a day off we had in filming and I had decided to go up to the castle with Paul to film a walk through of the castle. My initial thoughts were to piece together a spooky walk round of this magnificent building. Today I was playing about with the video clips and trying to make a spooky little video when one of the clips caught my attention. There is a strange shadow that moves across the static locked off camera pointing at the doorway. I remember this well as it was quite a blustery day and the drapes had periodically been moving with the air pressure and so I thought I would try for a shot of that for some atmospheric videography.

I hadn't reviewed the video until today but take a look at this 2 minute video of Burg Reichenstein and in particular the last clip in the movie.

Burg Reichenstein is shrouded in myths and legends and a popular excursion venue for visitors with an interest in history and culture. The Castle continues to stay a landmark of its history even after its reconstruction and is situated about 5km downstream from Bingen above the wine town of Trechtingshausen.

The style of the oldest building sections of the central castle indicates construction in the early 11th century, the time of the fiendish Robber Knights, and its name is said to derive from Castrum Richinstein which refers to its builder, Richwin.

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