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Ghost Chasers Episode 9

As a native of Holland it was great to be in the Netherlands for our penultimate episode with Kay Nambiar. He certainly is somewhat of a star in this part of the world being a regular host on Dutch TVs MTV channel. We were here to investigate two new locations, Das Spookhaus and Doornenburg Castle and following the long journey up from the Rhineland we had a free day to relax so Kay invited his girlfriend over for the night. Watch what happened when we tried pranking them outside their hotel room.

Our first investigation took place in a 16th Century chateau nicknamed The Spookhaus. Over the centuries the grand home has seen more than its fair share of horror, from the execution of soldiers during World War 2 to suicides.

Das Spookhaus

Prior to the investigation Kay went off to meet the owner of the house Johan Vlemmix who himself is a bit of a local celebrity gaining fame in Dutch pop music with this rather bizarre video called Blow my Whistle, strangely enough while Kay was interviewing Johan, we ventured through the house and discovered the doll that was featured in the video stored with other mannekins in the attic.

After our daytime recce of the building and consolidating a plan for the investigation it was time to head off into town for a meal in one of the local restaurants. It was here that we discovered just how well known Kay is in his own country. As soon as we entered the restaurant the manageress came straight over, greeted Kay and proceeded to layout the best table for us all and ensured that we had first class service from all of her waitresses. Apologies to the other customers if we delayed your food that evening as the staff were certainly big fans of Kay!

Location Shots

From the episode you can see we could hear noises in the building. Investigating further, we thought we could see a distinct shadow moving mysteriously across the wall which we could not explain. There was so much going on that prior to heading up to the attic we ended up all over the place trying to work out where the activity was coming from. It was during this point where my night camera was filming I caught stones being thrown at me when I ran up to the first level while the team were still downstairs. Here is the footage.

From the rest of this episode you saw the marbles being thrown and the swinging chandeliers prior to our final Ouija board session where the glass ended up smashed on the floor, all of which remained unexplainable.

Ian summed the episode up quite well as we all had felt that a location called the Spook House must be a house designed to make money out of a non existent reputation, however our investigation had shown that this building certainly did hold some unexplainable phenomena that myself and Paul at least would like to go back to investigate further.

Doonenburg Castle Blog to follow as this one still has me scratching my head.

Ghost Chasers can still be watched on the internet here Insight.TV

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